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My School Suite - MSS

State-of-the-art Comprehensive-most-rated School Management System. Digitalize your Edu-Administrative-Tools, transform your Edu-ICT, the benefits are simple and overwhelming !


Everything you need to digitalize your edu-ict, upgrade your edu-admistrative tools. Manage your school data and promote your school.

Safe and Secure

Cloud base storage with versatile data center, state-of-the-art data protection technology, and personalized security frameworks.

Fast Growing

Daily review, functionality optimization and latest technology adoption and inclusion ensures a continued stability of the product. 

Most Rated 

MSS has been sampled by educationlist, proprietors, propritress, parent, student and rated as the BEST!

Flexible, Accurate and Affordable!


MSS uniquely sits in your Mobile Device!

Mss was developed with every kind of user in mind, you don't need to have a laptop or desktop computer, with your mobile device you can manage your school effectively and in a very elegent way!

Parent Student

Parents can monitor their ward's daily academic performance, fee payment history, e-result; student/pupils can take online exams or test, and other wonderful academic activities.


  • MSS- reduce your administrative work load to 10%!
  • MSS- Multi Campus management!
  • MSS - Generate income for your school!
  • MSS - Detects, prevents and exposes fruadulent activities within the school system!  
  • MSS - Eliminate errors in data processing and management
  • MSS - Connect to parents in an effective manner, cut down your expenses on communication!
  • MSS - Archive of all record. (e.g. Transcript of outgoing students. Fee Receipts and Financial Accounting Report)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to questions frequently asked!


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