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Paracletos Ally-Solutions

Started its operations on the 19th day of October 2016, subsequent to her registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a business entity under company and allied matters act 1990, pursuant to section 659 of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.

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Software Development

The inevitability of Customized Software for purpose-centric operations has excaltively surged up in recent times, with the advent of new technologies, portable devices, artificial intelligence, robotics, process automation systems and so on, has effected a neccesity on individuals, businesses, organizations, institutions, governmental agencies, and other facet of society to embrace these shifts in paradigm or be left out in a fast evolving technologically driven dispensation.

What we do is simple!

We harness these conditions and on it  innovate and develope intitutively robust and customized software tailored exactly to the way your business works, therefore, connect you to the paradigm shift, ensuring your continued functionality in the fast evolving technologically driven dispensation.

We are gifted in putting things together and making it work... 

Consultancy Service

From resolving specific IT-related issues to strategic business transformation fueled by IT, we deliver technology consulting services to companies across multiple domain areas. We are aimed to become your reliable IT consultant agent with the functional know-how, detailed understanding and all time support.

Professional Training Programmes

Knowledge is the power to capacity building and individual skill development, thus becomes the fundermental of a qualitative lifestyle and an improved standard of living for an individual and the society at large. We give a very keen interest in empowering and training young minds, creative innovators, pace setters in the ICT, to stride out for professionalism and expertise, coupled with the oppurtunity to partner with Paracletos Ally-Solutions as project collaborators in her vast array of client and community software projects; as well as creating a platform for continous self-development, skill acquisition, exposure and the privilledge to be tutored by great minds in the software industry.

Community Project

As an institution, we are not just centered on on-demand software solution development, we belive that as professionals and experts in the field, there is more we can do for the greater benefit of humanity, to this effect, we engage in innovative and inventive community projects, developed centrically  for target domain of societal functionality and workstream.


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